Jago was founded on a belief in Freedom, Companionship, Adventure and Longevity

40 years, 3 owners, 1 jacket, 1 epic adventure.

That’s what it took for JAGO to be born.

A canvas climbing jacket travelled the world. For 40 years it lived on the back of its 3 consecutive owners. Wherever its owner ventured, the jacket ventured. From Swiss ski team training sessions in the Alps, to the leading climbs in the Himalayas, to following the Colorado river by motorbike or exploring the world’s great metropolises, the canvas was painted one adventure at a time.

When the jacket was lost, starting the next chapter with a lucky new unknown owner, it told its epic story at a glance. It was faded by the elements, shaped by its owners and marked by history. Not only had the old friend withstood the test of time despite the beatings it had taken, it had evolved along its journey, becoming a piece so unique that no other would be the same.

JAGO was founded to give you the experience of shaping and personalizing a jacket through your own adventures, whatever and wherever they may be. ‘A Jacket for Life – wherever it takes you’.

From friend

To father(My father, Roddy, in the original Jago Jacket)

To son

Why waste money and resources on countless garments that remain barely used when you can have one jacket which does it all? Our products offer you freedom. Products for life, wherever it takes you, to ensure you chance nothing when facing whatever life throws at you.
Adventure is best shared. With wear the natural fibres adjust to you, developing an individual character; your own blank canvas to paint a picture of your unique journey though life’s encounters.
We believe in buying less and buying better. And using nature to save nature. Our products are timelessly designed using innovative natural fabrics and handmade in England to ensure longevity – for you and for the environment.
Wherever you find your adventure our products are designed to take you there.


Weatherproof. Breathable. Natural. Proven.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on Everest, 1953

Designed for WWII fighter pilot suits


Ventile was developed during WWII in England to increase the life expectancy of fighter pilots that went down into freezing waters. It has since gone on to be worn by many of the world’s great adventurers; Sir Edmund Hillary on the first summit of Everest, Sir Ranulph Fiennes on various polar expeditions - it is still worn today by RAF Tornado pilots.
Ventile fabric is 100% pure cotton, which is sourced from the finest 2% of the global crop.
The weatherproof performance of this incredibly durable fabric stems from properties within the cotton itself. The fibres expand when in contact with moisture, causing the gaps in fabric to tighten from 10 microns to 3 microns, preventing the passage of water.
Excellent protection against the wind, rain, snow and cold is ensured, whilst at the same time delivering superior breathability compared to industry leading synthetic weatherproof fabrics.